Richard C. Gamble

 Richard C. Gamble

Address7418 Penn Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15208

Professor of Systematic Theology, 2005-, Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary

B.A., Westminster College,
M.A., Pittsburgh Theological Seminary,
Ph.D., Universitat Basel, Switzerland,

Teaching with the kind of passion that students have said resembles the delivery of Black Baptist preaching, Dr. Gamble explains: When a student comes into a systematic theology class, he comes into holy ground. As Moses took off his sandals, so should we. It’s heavy and weighty, yet sweet and the stuff of life. While I do not give a sermon for my lectures, my hope is that the lectures will “preach.”

Past director of the H. Henry Meeter Center for Calvin Studies, Dr. Gamble is an internationally renowned Calvin scholar who will contribute to the forthcoming Handbook for Calvin’s Institutes, one publication of a multi-volume commemorative series to be produced by Calvin500, an organization coordinating the Quincentenary celebration of the birth of John Calvin in 2009. He edited the fourteen-volume anthology, Articles on Calvin and Calvinism, and was contributing editor to Eerdmans’ Calvin’s Old Testament Commentaries. He has almost finished a massive two-volume critical edition of Calvin’s Latin commentary on Genesis that will be published in Geneva, and his book, Calvin and the Church, will soon be published as well.

With both seminarians and laymen in mind, Dr. Gamble also is working with P & R Publishing on his three-volume systematic theology entitled, The Whole Counsel of God, the scope of which has been said to be incomparable to anything attempted in Reformed circles for more than 100 years. The work explores the relationships between exegesis and hermeneutics, and between Biblical, systematic, and historical theology. The first 864-page volume, God’s Mighty Acts in the Old Testament, has been released in June of 2009.

A member of the Editorial Board of The Peter Martyr Library, Dr. Gamble is a prolific writer who has contributed to more than 75 publications as author and editor. In addition to the above, he has edited Pressing Toward the Mark: Essays Commemorating Fifty Years of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church; and penned representative articles such as “Christology in the Fourth Century” and “Hope” in Tabletalk, and “The Clash of King and Kirk” in The Practical Calvinist.

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