Robert J. Sherman

Dr. Robert J. Sherman
AddressPost Office Box 411
Bangor, ME

Richard P. Buck Professor of Christian Theology, Bangor Theological Seminary

B.A., Colorado College,
M.Div., Yale University – The Divinity School,
Ph.D., University of Chicago, The Divinity School,

Scholarly interest focuses on historical theology, especially 19th and 20th century Protestant theology. His particular expertise is the theology of Friedrich Schleiermacher and Karl Barth. Far from being merely academic, this focus also serves his practical concern with maintaining Christian identity and faithfulness in a North American context that many label post-Christian.

I’m convinced that Karl Barth is right when he declares, ‘The theologian who labors without joy is not a theologian at all.’ Such a deep-seated joy undergirds my own theological work, and it’s a sense I try to evoke through my teaching. The wisdom and riches of the Christian theological tradition are an amazing treasure, and I could give my students no greater gift than to enable them to engage that tradition in a faithful and joyous manner for their own lives and ministries as Christians.”

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