Rod Carter

 Rod Carter
Address99 University Avenue
Kingston, ON

Director of Restorative Justice Program, Queen’s Theological College, Queen’s University

B.A., Trent University, 1978
M.Div., Queen’s Theological College, 1983

Rod Carter is on secondment from the Correctional Service of Canada for a three year period as a member of the faculty at Queen’s Theological College. Prior to his current appointment, he was Regional Chaplain with Corrections Canada and Prison Chaplain at the Joyceville Institution. Previously, he held pastorates in Alberta and the Yukon.

Wonder and worship
“I think the challenges for communities of faith are to develop and deliver experiences and initiatives that will meet the needs of the diverse spiritual questing of many people. This may require letting go of cherished rituals and ceremonies and utilizing creative initiatives of wonder and worship.”

Fostering life long learning
“I’m nourished by balancing head and heart, wisdom and knowledge. As a teacher I wish to foster critical thinking, informed dialogue and life long learning.”

Seeking an ethical course in a violent world
“My research explores how the conflictual experience incorporates restorative justice principles and practices. It examines the violent aspects of religion and culture and how we might pursue an ethical course for Christian faith in a violent world. It contributes to the Restorative Justice Program at QTC.”

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