Roger Peugh

 Roger Peugh
AddressGrace College and Theological Seminary
00 Seminary Drive
Winona Lake, IN 46590

Professor of World Mission, Grace Theological Seminary

B.A., Grace College,
M.Div., Grace Theological Seminary,
D.Min., Grace Theological Seminary,

Dr. Peugh came to Grace with three years of pastoral experience followed by twenty years of missionary experience as a church planter in Germany. He is an active Bible conference speaker.


Transformed In His Presence: The Need for Prayer in Counseling

7 Questions with Dr. Peugh:

1) What are some of your interests and hobbies outside of teaching and ministry?
I became an Amateur Radio operator (Ham) October 17, 1956 at age 13 with the call sign WN7FZL. December 1957 I upgraded to General class, and October 17, 1996 upgraded to EXTRA Class with the call sign W9JAC. I’ve “worked” stations in 114 countries from my home here in Winona Lake. This hobby has been totally dormant during doctoral studies!
I also enjoy photography immensely. A missionary photography seminar conducted by Ken Anderson in 1968 helped me see how to compose a good picture. The advent of digital photography has saved our family thousands of dollars!

2) Who are the members of your immediate family?
Ryan and Lynelle live in Montclair, VA and have three sons: Isaac, Chapman and Levi. Ryan graduated from the US Naval Academy, Lynelle attended Grace College and graduated from the University of Connecticut.
Phil and Rhonda (Grace College graduates) live in Winona Lake and have three daughters: Sydney, Erin and Sara.
Lamar graduated from Grace College and after years working in Information Technology is teaching English in Taiwan.
Lynae, as a sophomore at Grace College, is a modern languages major. She’s in France till the end of July 2006. German and Spanish follow.
It is God’s thrilling grace that our children deeply love the Lord and are actively serving Him.

3) What is one of your most memorable experiences in ministry?
At a funeral I was holding in Germany in about 1982, the son of the man who had died stepped up and walked beside me as we followed the casket from the chapel to the burial plot. His non-verbal demonstration of love to me that day in front of hundreds of people moves me to tears every time I think of it, even now as I write this.

4) What was the topic of your Dmin, Th.D, or Ph.D dissertation?
GOD AND TEAMWORK – Implications of the Unity of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit for Christian Ministry Teams.

5) What classes do you teach? Which is your favorite to teach?
History of World Missions
Biblical Theology of Missions
New Testament Church Planting Principles
Introduction to World Missions
Teamwork and Leadership Training in Missions
Principles and Practice of Prayer
It’s almost a toss-up between the Teamwork class and the Prayer class. Both classes involve an intense study of the person of our God. Helping students get to know and serve God with greater love and passion is a thrill beyond description.

6) Outside the Bible, what are some of the most influential books in your life?
The Knowledge of the Holy by A.W. Tozer
The Master Plan of Evangelism by Robert Coleman
Stronger than Steel by R.C. Sproul about Wayne Alderson
Prayer by O. Hallesby

7) What is your most recent area of research?
My D.Min. dissertation, completed in April 2006, led me into a study of the Godhead in the New Testament. I have been profoundly influenced by this past year of study.

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