Rutledge Etheridge

Rev. Rutledge Etheridge

Address7418 Penn Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15208

Adjunct Professor of Systematic Theology, Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary

Master of Divinity, Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary, 2006
B.A. with honors, Cedarville College, 1999

In teaching the Introduction to Reformed Theology course, Rev. Etheridge presents the Reformed faith from a clear understanding and deep appreciation for its faithfulness to the Scriptures. The unity, integrity, and veracity of God’s Word shine forth as Reformed tenets are examined. Students benefit from Etheridge’s pastoral perspective as doctrine is set forth for both mind and heart. His teaching experience beyond the pulpit in youth, college ministry, and apologetics applies Scriptural truths to a broad spectrum of Christian ministry and life.

My teaching Reformed Theology is a great privilege and somewhat of an irony, given my antagonism toward it when I first began to study it in college. But by God’s grace I’ve found what I hope to communicate to my students: When Christians begin to glimpse the glory of our sovereign, holy God who loves and adopts sinners to be His children through His Son Jesus Christ, and when they recognize the transcendent majesty and internal cogency of the Scripture which proclaims that God, the layers of pride peel away and we are left as we are meant to be: humbly adoring our Lord and zealous to serve Him. That’s the true heart of Reformed Theology, the Bible’s own theology. Reformed Theology expresses Scripture’s own view of itself, its structural framework, its content and its purpose; as such it is indispensable to the life of the individual Christian and the corporate body of Christ. It places before God’s people an exalted view of their Lord, His faithful character and His sure promises, His kingly reign and His shepherding care, His purpose for His church in this world and His sure return to bring them to glory. When believers’ hearts are ignited into worship and witness by the Words of their Shepherd, the church grows in grace, unbelievers are saved, and the Christian life is lived as it is supposed to be lived – to the glory of God alone.

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