Spanish Reformed Episcopal Church

The Spanish Reformed Episcopal Church (Spanish: Iglesia Española Reformada Episcopal) considers itself to be part of the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church established by Christ and his apostles; it maintains apostolic succession via the Church of Ireland and the threefold ministry of bishops, priests and deacons; it keeps the three creeds of the Primitive Church; it considers itself to morally be the continuing church of the ancient Hispanic Church; it has its own liturgy: the Mozarabic Rite or Visigothic Liturgy; it maintains the sacramental system. Due to its Reformed tradition this is an Evangelical church; and due to its Anglican (Catholic) tradition it has full membership in the worldwide Anglican Communion; it belongs to the Federation of Evangelical Religious Entities of Spain (FEREDE) and is member of the World Council of Churches. The IERE is in full communion with the Old Catholic Churches as well as being part of the Porvoo Communion with the Scandinavian Lutheran churches. The IERE is the representative of the Anglican Communion in Spain. It was organised in 1880 by dissident members of the Roman Catholic Church in Spain wishing to reform catholicism based on Reformation principles and to establish a true Spanish Church with apostolic succession.

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