Stephen Garfinkel

Dr. Stephen Garfinkel
Address3080 Broadway
New York, NY 10027

Assistant Professor, Bible, Jewish Theological Seminary of America

B.A., University of Pennsylvania,
M.A., JTS,
M.Phil., Columbia University.,
Ph.D., Columbia University.,

Stephen Garfinkel is Walter and Sarah Schlesinger Dean of The Graduate School, dean of Academic Affairs, and assistant professor of Bible at The Jewish Theological Seminary. During his tenure as dean of The Graduate School, Dr. Garfinkel has worked to enhance fellowship support for graduate students and to develop a sense of community among the many disparate academic departments and programs. He also serves as chair of the Council on Graduate Studies in Religion.

Dr. Garfinkel’s scholarly publications have appeared in a variety of journals including Vetus Testamentum, Conservative Judaism, and the Journal of the Ancient Near Eastern Society. His essays published during the past few years include “Clearing Peshat and Derash” (in Hebrew Bible / Old Testament: The History of its Interpretation, edited by Magne Sæbø); “Moses: Man of Israel, Man of God” (in Etz Hayim: Torah and Commentary, edited by David Lieber); “The Man Moses, the Leader Moses” (in Jewish Religious Leadership: Image and Reality, edited by Jack Wertheimer); and “Qoheleth: The Philosopher Means Business” (in Bringing the Hidden to Light: Studies in Honor of Stephen A. Geller, edited by Kathryn Kravitz and Diane Sharon). Dr. Garfinkel’s current research is focused on early popular perceptions of Moses as a divine figure.

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