Steve Blakemore

 Steve Blakemore

Address787 E. Northside Drive
Jackson, MS 39206

Director of the Institute for Third Millennium Faith, Wesley Biblical Seminary

B.A., Asbury College,
M.Div., Asbury Theological Seminary,
M.A., Wake Forest University,
Ph.D., University of Tennessee,

A native of southwestern Virginia, Dr. Blakemore was reared in the small mountain coal-mining town named Appalachia. It was there that he says he learned life’s most important truths from godly Methodist parents. Most significanly, Steve is married to Carolyn Berg-Blakemore and they have four sons.

Professionally, Dr. Blakemore served in pastoral ministry 18 years, as well as having been a college chaplain. Throughout his ministry he has preached, lectured, and taught a variety of audiences: camp meetings, revivals, pastors’ schools, college courses, seminary lectures, youth conferences and camps, and college conventions. Additionally, he has enjoyed the pleasure of a modest ministry of music as a vocalist across the years in many of these same settings.

In addition to this professional experience, Dr. Blakemore is one of the co-founders off “Resurrection,” an annual winter youth convention held in Gatlinburg, Tennessee that was launched in 1986. Each year over 13,000 young people and their counselors from the southeastern United States attend this convention, which is focused on evangelism and the call to radical discipleship.

Dr Blakemore joined the facluty of Wesley Biblical Theological Seminary in 2000 because of his conviction that, as Fyodor Dostoyevsky insisted, “ideas have consequences.” He sees his calling as a Christian philosopher to be more than a scholarly endeavor. It is also a task carried out for the love of God’s Church in the world. He endeavors to think deeply about both the “Faith delivered once to all the saints” and how to communicate this faith and practice it in ministry to the contemporary world.

Dr. Blakemore has said of Western culture in the 21st century:

Many have described the culture of the West as post-Christian. This description is very accurate, so I know in the depths of my soul that ministers today need more than just some “how-to” training, or church growth techniques. Philosophical, theological, biblical preparation and mastery are irreplaceable. Christian leaders especially need to understand the ideologies that shape contemporary culture and how the Gospel of Jesus speaks to post-modern, post-Christian people. Without this we can neither defend the flock of our Lord nor “take captive imaginations” of the age and reach those outside the Church. Just as our spiritual forebearers did, contemporary pastors must be able to “give a reason for the hope that is within us,” as they lead the Body of Christ.

With this kind of conviction in mind, Dr. Blakemore launched The Institute for Third Millennium Faith in 2007, which has become a signature program of the Seminary. He serves not only as a faculty member at Wesley, but is also the Executive Director of this institute and its programs. You may learn more about TMF by visiting the website at

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