Steven C. Horine

 Steven C. Horine

Address1380 S. Valley Forge Road
Lansdale, PA 19446
Phone215.368.7538, ext. 101

Professor of Old Testament, Calvary Baptist Theological Seminary

B.A., Illinois Wesleyan University,
M.Div., Calvary Baptist Theological Seminary,
Th.M., Ph.D., Westminster Theological Seminary,

Adjunct teacher, Calvary Baptist Theological Seminary, 1991-1992. Professor, Calvary Baptist Theological Seminary, 1992-present.

Published work:

“A Study of the Literary Genre of the Woe Oracle.” CBTJ 5:2 (Fall 1989), 74-97.
“Bible Translations: Do We Have the Right Models?” CBTJ 12:1/2 (Spr/Fall 1996), 42-54.
Three Articles in The Every Day Study Bible, The Holy Bible, New Century Version, Joel B. Green and Tremper Longman III, Eds., Dallas/London: Word Publishing, 1996.
Three Articles in Dictionary of Biblical Imagery, eds. Leland Ryken, James C. Wilhoit, Tremper Longmann III, Eds., Downers Grove/Leicester: InterVarsity Press, 1998.
Contributor to the WIVU project: (Werkgroep Informatica Vrije Univeriteit of Amsterdam), a database underlying the Stuttgart Electronic Study Bible (German Bible Society); involvement included analysis and structural [macro-syntactical] tagging of Hebrew text, under auspices of J. Alan Groves (Westminster Theological Seminary), a WIVU project director.
Contributor to the CATSS project (Computer Assisted Tools for Septuagint Studies), University of Pennsylvania; involvement included formulation and encoding of a text-critical apparatus for the Greek text of Nahum (MSS unearthed at Nahal Hever, Qumran), under the auspices of Robert A. Kraft (University of Pennsylvania), CATSS project director.
Interpretive Images in the Songs of Songs: From Wedding Chariots to Bridal Chambers (Peter Lang Publishing, 2001)
Professional presentations:

“Esther’s Organizing Metaphor: The Feasting Motif,” Biblical Literature Study Group, Evangelical Theological Society National Meetings (2000: Nashville, TN)
“Esther’s Organizing Metaphor,” SBL2.2: KETHUVIM / WRITINGS, Society of Biblical Literature, Mid-Atlantic American Academy of Religion/Society of Biblical Literature, Annual Meeting (2001: New Brunswick, NJ).
“Interpretive Images in the Song of Songs: From Wedding Chariots to Bridal Chambers,” Biblical Literature Study Group, Evangelical Theological Society National Meetings (2001: Colorado Springs, CO).
“Interpretive Images in the Song of Songs,” SBL Poster Session Exhibit (2001: Denver, CO).
“Interpretive Images in the Song of Songs: From Wedding Chariots to Bridal Chambers,” Hebrew Poetry Section, Society of Biblical Literature National Meetings (2004: San Antonio, TX).
NLC workshop notes available online:

The Apostolic Church Turned Its World Upside Down: Why Haven’t We?
Israel’s Exile and Restoration: A Biblical Model for Corporate and Personal Sanctification
Interpreting the Prophets: What Makes the Task So Difficult?
Interpreting Ezekiel: How Much of the Past Will Appear in the Future?
“Be Ye Holy As I Am Holy”: Sanctification Under Law and Grace

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