Stuart MacDonald

Rev. Stuart MacDonald
AddressBirks Building
3520 University Street
Montreal, QU

Professor of Church and Society Senior Researcher for the Centre for Clergy Care & Congregational Health, Knox College

B.A., Guelph University, 1981
M.A., Guelph University, 1982
M.Div., Knox College, 1985
Ph.D., Guelph University, 1999

My research interests and publications at the moment are focused in two specific areas: seventeenth-century Scotland; and, the church in post-WWII Canada.

The introduction of “discipline” into the Reformed tradition had a dramatic impact on Scotland. My research has focused on one particular aspect of this, the attempt to eradicate all perceived “witches”. I continue to work in this area, as well as other aspects of the seventeenth century.

The church has changed dramatically in the last 60 years. Having experienced this personally, I have recently begun to look at this as a historian. I believe we have witnessed a dramatic change in our own lifetime. My interests include statistical data (membership numbers, census data), the building of new congregations, the shift from multiple to single point congregations, the perceived sense of crisis in the 1960s, and other topics. This is currently my primary research focus.

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