Subbotniks (Russian: Субботники, literally, Sabbatarians) are one of the Russian religious bodies known under the general name of “Judaizing Christian sects”. On the whole, the Subbotniks originally differed probably very little from other Judaizing societies. They first appeared during the reign of Catherine II, toward the end of the eighteenth century. According to official reports of the Imperial Russian government, most of the sect’s followers kept brit milah, believed in absolute monotheism rather than the Christian Trinity, accepted only the Jewish Bible, and observed Sabbath on Saturday instead of on Sunday. According to the same source, however, some of them, as, for instance, the Subbotniks of Moscow, did not circumcise and believed in Jesus, regarding him as a saint and prophet rather than as God the Son. Other groups reportedly awaited the coming of the Messiah as king of the earth, in line with Judaism’s view. Some reportedly revered the New Testament, while others placed it on a lower level than the Old Testament.

From: Wikipedia

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