Susan W. McArver

 Susan W. McArver
Address4201 North Main Street
Columbia, SC 29203

Professor of Church History and Educational Ministry, Director of Center on Religion in the South, Lutheran Theological Southern Seminary

Dr. McArver joined the Southern Seminary faculty in 1998. She holds a B.A. from Salem College, a M.A.R. from Lutheran Theological Southern Seminary, and a Ph.D. in American Religious History from Duke University.

    Her doctoral dissertation was entitled, “’A Spiritual Wayside Inn’: Lutherans, the New South and Cultural Change in South Carolina, 1886-1918”. Her scholarly interests include religion in the South and women’s history. She is currently serving on the South Carolina Synod’s “History Matters” project, a three to five year effort to help congregations preserve their history and tell their stories.
    Dr. McArver is a lifelong Lutheran: in fact, her three sons are 10th generation southern Lutheran. Her family owns a charter from King George III granting her ancestors land in the 18th century in the “Dutch (Deutsch) Fork” area of South Carolina. Her family still owns the land and the log cabin her family built on it before the Civil War.

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