The Lutheran Evangelical Protestant Church

The Lutheran Evangelical Protestant Church (LEPC) is a mainline Protestant denomination under the General Conference of Evangelical Protestant Churches (GCEPC). The earliest Lutherans in America came from Dutch, Swedish and German stock.The LEPC is successor to the Evangelical Protestant Church of North America[1]having begun in 1912 in the Ohio Valley which sprang from an original German speaking Free Church group residing in the State of Pennsylvania in the late 1800s.[2] The former group later became part of the Evangelical Protestant Conference of Congregational Churches.A small group of Dutch Lutherans moved from New York to James Island in South Carolina where they began to worship and establish a faith community.[3] The corporate administration for the LEPC is located in West Columbia-Cayce, South Carolina in the United States of America. The vision for the LEPC came in 1999 as an answer to rising demand among some Lutherans for a conservative and biblical approach to their faith. The LEPC was initiated in the year 2000. The LEPC is among a number of small Lutheran denominations some of which came out of the concerns being seen in the wider Lutheran Church body. The largest Lutheran Church denomination in the United States is the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America then the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod and thirdly the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod. The Lutheran Evangelical Protestant Church (LEPC/GCEPC) ministers across the United States of America and around the world. The LEPC is mission minded. It is apostolic in focus through church and ministry planting and the training of indigenous ministers for the spreading of the Christian message of faith, grace and salvation through Jesus Christ.

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