Theodore W. Jennings, Jr.

 Theodore W. Jennings, Jr.

Address5757 South University Avenue
Chicago, IL 60637

Professor of Biblical and Constructive Theology, Chicago Theological Seminary

A.B., Duke University, 1964
B.D., Emory University, 1967
Ph.D., Emory University, 1971

Professor Jennings served as a local pastor and taught for three years at the Methodist Seminary in Mexico City. He also served as a consultant with the United Methodist Church on issues related to commitment to the poor. He also helped initiate the gay and lesbian studies program at CTS and has traveled and lectured extensively in Latin America, Asia and Africa.

Jennings’ research interests include Christian doctrine, biblical theology, gay studies, contemporary late modern philosophy, especially that represented by Jacques Derrida and “deconstruction.” He also writes, particularly in Spanish, on Wesleyan theology.

“The Word of God must be released from the imprisoning forms that have made it serve the interests of the powerful and prosperous so that we may again hear good news for the poor, the despised, the oppressed, and the broken hearted. This work of the reformation of Christian teaching does not belong to ‘the experts’ but to all who are grasped by the gospel and are called to co-responsibility within the community of faith. In the seminary we provide people with the tools for this task and a community of mutual accountability that respects our diversity and witnesses to our unity in the Spirit.”

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