Thomas E. Frank

Dr. Thomas E. Frank
Address1531 Dickey Drive
Atlanta, GA 30322

Professor of Religious Leadership and Administration,, Candler School of Theology, Emory University

B.A., Harvard University, 1970
M.Div., Emory University, 1974
Ph.D., Emory University, 1981
M.H.P., Georgia State University,, 2006

Professor Frank’s primary interest is the history, congregational life, and organizational culture of mainstream Protestant denominations. He is the author of two books on United Methodism, most recently, coauthored with Russell E. Richey, Episcopacy in the Methodist Tradition: Perspectives and Proposals (Abingdon Press 2004). His Polity, Practice, and the Mission of The United Methodist Church has been updated in a new edition (Abingdon Press 2006).

His book exploring the culture and imagination of local church congregations is entitled The Soul of the Congregation: An Invitation to Congregational Reflection (Abingdon Press 2000). He was the principal writer and consultant for the United Methodist bishops’ pastoral letter and episcopal teaching statement on Vital Congregations—Faithful Disciples (Graded Press 1990). He has also explored the relationship of Protestant Christianity and the liberal arts, and is the author of Theology, Ethics, and the Nineteenth Century American College Ideal: Conserving a Rational World (Mellen Research University Press 1993).

A graduate of Harvard (BA), Candler (MDiv), and Emory (PhD), Professor Frank recently completed a master’s degree in heritage preservation at Georgia State, in preparation for research and writing on preservation of historic religious buildings.

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