Thomas J. Edgington

Dr. Thomas J. Edgington
AddressGrace College and Theological Seminary
00 Seminary Drive
Winona Lake, IN 46590

Professor Counseling, Grace Theological Seminary

B.A., Grace College,
M.A.B.C., M. Div., Grace Theological Seminary,
Ph.D., Ball State University,

Dr. Edgington has published articles in the IBC Perspective and the Journal of Psychology and Christianity. In addtion to more than 20 years of teaching experience, he continues an active private practice in Christian counseling. Dr. Edgington also is the author of Healing Helps from the Bible. Areas of interest include the theological foundations of psychology/counseling and marriage/family counseling.

7 Questions with Dr. Edgington:

1) What are some of your interests and hobbies outside of teaching and ministry?
tennis, finishing my basement, family time

2) Who are the members of your immediate family?
Linda, Callie, Nathan, Ryan

3) What is one of your most memorable experiences in ministry?
Two seminars in Korea

4) What was the topic of your Dmin, Th.D, or Ph.D dissertation?
Fundamentalism Viewed as a Single Dimension and Multivariately in Predicting Level of Cognitive Complexity among Fundamentalist Seminary Students

5) What classes do you teach? Which is your favorite to teach?
Theological Foundations of Counseling (favorite)
Marriage and Family Counseling

6) Outside the Bible, what are some of the most influential books in your life?
Anything by Philip Yancey
Choice Theory by Wm. Glasser

7) What is your most recent area of research?
Most of it has to do with my undergraduate courses

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