Tom Johnston

 Tom Johnston
Address5001 N. Oak Trafficway
Kansas City, MO 64118

Associate Professor of Evangelism, Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

Ph.D., Southern Baptist Theological Seminary,

Johnston brings to Midwestern an emphasis in the practice of evangelism. He founded the Midwestern Evangelistic Team, going out multiple times a week in street evangelism and partnering with local churches for outreach. Johnston earned his Ph.D. from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in 2001. His dissertation was published by Wipf and Stock Publishers in 2003 with the title Examining Billy Graham’s Theology of Evangelism. His current work, Book of Charts for a Theology of Evangelism, was released by Broadman Holman in 2007. He has published articles in the Trinity Journal, Perichoresis, Midwestern Journal of Theology, Preaching Magazine, and Decision Magazine. Johnston has taught evangelism in the U.S., Canada, and in Eastern and Western Europe since 1985. He has pastored churches in Quebec, Manitoba, Iowa, Minnesota, and Missouri. Among his current research interests are evangelism in 13 th Century Southern France and from 16 th Century Geneva, the inquisition and Protestant martyrologies, and the Bible Society movement.

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