Tommaso Palamidessi

Tommaso Palamidessi

Western Philosophy

20th century philosophy

Full name

Tommaso Palamidessi


February 16, 1915 (Pisa, Italy)


April 29, 1983 (Rome, Italy)



Main interests

Esoteric Christianity, Yoga, Astrology

Notable ideas

Archeosophy, Archeosophical Society

Influenced by
Early Christianity, Theosophy, Anthroposophy, Yoga, Rosicrucianism

Tommaso Palamidessi (Pisa, February 16, 1915 – Rome, April 29, 1983) was an Italian esotericist. Precociously attracted by astrology, parapsychology and yoga-tantric doctrines, he was led by his manifold interests in the field of the occult and by his intense spiritual pursuit to build up an original form of Esoteric Christianity, which he called Archeosophy. In 1968, he founded in Rome the Archeosophical Society, which is still active and counts a few thousand members both in Italy and in the rest of Europe (mainly in Germany, Portugal, and France).

From: Wikipedia

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