United Church of Canada

United Church of Canada

The crest of the United Church of Canada is a modified version of the pre-Church Union Presbyterian logo. The lozenge shape evokes an upended fish, symbol of the earliest Christian church. (The initials of the phrase “Jesus Christ, Son of God, Saviour” in Greek spell ιχθύς [icthyos], which means “fish”.) The central X, a cross of St. Andrew, is also the Greek letter Chi, first letter of Χριστός, Greek for Christ. Within the four quadrants are the symbols of the founding churches: Presbyterianism (the burning bush), Methodism (the dove) and Congregationalism (the open Bible). At the bottom, the alpha and omega represent the ever-living God (Revelations 1:8). The motto Ut omnes unum sint recalls John 17:21: “That all may be one”.








Canadian Council of Churches; World Alliance of Reformed Churches; World Council of Churches

Geographical area

Canada (plus Bermuda)


June 10, 1925

Merge of

Methodist Church of Canada; two thirds of the Presbyterian Church in Canada; and the Congregational Union of Ontario and Quebec


2,500,000 (affiliates); 250,000 (regular worshippers)

The United Church of Canada, the second-largest Christian denomination in Canada after the Roman Catholic Church,[citation needed] is an evangelical Protestant denomination founded in 1925 as a merger of four Protestant denominations:

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